SEED Conference 2015 - Songs & Sounds of the Himalayas

11 & 12 Sep 2015
The last decade has witnessed a powerful move of God's Spirit in the harvest of souls and in miracle working power, like never seen before in India and the Himalayas! In this year's conference, we celebrated this awesome work of God with a colourful array of talented invited guest musicians and singers from the region.
Above: Our guest artistes from the Himalayas were (from Left to Right) Bro Shaji on the Bamboo Flute; Naga Duets Ps Nico & Atou and Rev Asinlo & Amenla; Ps Sunil on his Tabla (Indian drums); Ps Isaac on the Sitar; Bro Ajay the one-man band; and acapella sensation the Dayspring Singers.
Held over Singapore's voting weekend, SEED Conference 2015 had ramifications far wider than our one country. As each guest performed, they shared stories about the work God was doing in their lives, their country and amongst their people; stories of healing in the midst of disaster, of miracles in the midst of faith, of love in the midst of persecution, and above all of hearts turning to God.
Below Right: Ps Sunil, Ps Isaac and Bro Shaji play under the Singapore and Indian flags.
Above Left: The six Dayspring Singers (from Left to Right: John, Chengato,
Arhulo, Obed, Kenny & Hyulo) sing their second song: "Let Us Worship".
It is our prayer that, over the two days of the conference, both guests and participants were blessed. We pray that (1) the guests were refreshed and reinvigorated to continue serving the Lord, (2) the eyes and ears of the participants were opened, (3) their hearts were inspired to participate in God's work by giving or going, and (4) lasting relationships were formed between guests and participants.
Below Left: Participants and guests worshiping at the conference.
Above Right: Bro Micah and Bro Shaji, a fast friendship formed.

At the very end of the conference, participants and foreign guests alike gathered to sing "How Great Is Our God" in 5 different languages - English, Hindi, Chinese, Malayalam and Thai - proclaiming God's greatness throughout the earth in a rousing Grand Finale! Truly, all who came were blessed, and the name of our Lord was glorified!
To God be the glory!