Bless Darjeeling Festival - A Watershed Event

 (17-19 Apr 2015)
The Holy Spirit revealed Himself in such a powerful way at both the daytime seminar and the evening crusade of the Bless Darjeeling Festival in India. Both spiritual and physical blindness were conquered as the people received and believed teachings about the Holy Spirit. Read More
Below Left: A baby born blind and his parents, come to ask for healing.
Below Middle: Rev Allan prays for the baby and he sees! Note how his eyes are directed towards Rev Allan.
Above Right: Leaders from both Pentecostal and Presbyterian churches responding to the Holy Spirit.
On the first two days, a SEED Ministries team consisting of Rev Allan, Ps Clara, Ernest, Victor, Vi Seng and Sharon, together with the main local organiser, Pastor Sunil, taught leaders from Pentecostal and Presbyterian churches (who have been very resistant to the Holy Spirit). Pastor Sunil shares, "this [seminar] was the first of its kind ... even the main-line (Presbyterian) churches participated and accepted the importance of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit because it was from-the-Word and very Scriptural teaching! The following Sunday, the pastors even shared with their own congregations on the Holy Spirit."
Below Left: Bro Ernest Seow from the SEED Team teaching the participants about the Holy Spirit. 
Above Right: Sis Sharon, Bro Vi Seng and Rev Allan praying for God's presence and power.
Feedback received:
"We have never heard such clear Bible-based expounding on the Holy Spirit!"
-Presbyterian Church Elder
"I've resisted teachings on the Holy Spirit, but today He overwhelmed me and filled me
with the power and presence of His great love. Thank you for coming to open my eyes!"
-Presbyterian Church Deacon and Board Member
Below Left: Participants being baptised during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit's presence.
Above Right: Even pastors, singers and musicians onstage are overcome.
During the crusade on the third day, 3,000 people packed the St. Robert's School hall, stairways, corridors and basement, and another 2,000 had to be turned away. The blind and the lame were healed, and many gave their lives to God because of this demonstration of His power! Reporters came and covered the event in the local newspaper, and even the political head of the state invited us to organise this festival again!
Below: Rev Allan calls the 3,000-strong crowd to the Lord.
Testimonies shared:
"Your Christian faith is real! I can see again!"
-A new believer, healed at the meeting
"Unbelievable to see so many miracles: just like what we read in the Bible
when Jesus healed the sick! My faith has been built up."
-Wife of a local pastor
Below Extreme Left: A crippled man is brought forward to the stage for healing.
Below Second from Left: "In the name of Jesus, rise up and walk!"
Above Second from Right: A local worker translates the command.
Above Extreme Right: HE WALKS! Praise the Lord!
Thank you all for partnering with us through your prayers, words of encouragement and your giving. You share in this rich harvest, and may the Lord bless you richly. ALL GLORY TO GOD!