Bless Sukna - Truly It's Harvest Time!

(6-8 Dec 2014)
The Bless Sukna Healing Festival of music, prayer and preaching saw miraculous instant healings of many kinds: the deaf, the dumb, the lame, the blind (see the pictures about the boy below), the sick, the demon-possessed, those in bondage; they were all healed and set free - HALLELUJAH!! But this was only the beginning ... Read more
Below Left: A blind boy being prayed for by a local worker.
Above Right: His sight is restored! Praise the Lord!
There was a 7,000-strong crowd every night! Churches and believers from districts around Siliguri, together with a team from SEED Ministries, united to conduct the 3-day festival. The supernatural healings prompted more than 800 recorded decisions to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. "Truly, it is harvest time," declared Asinlo, the local co-ordinator for the event. A new church was planted and over 40 churches were needed to handle the influx of new disciples.
Below Left: The crowd comes forward for prayer and healing.
Above Right: Local workers praying for an 18-year old PARALYSED girl.
She later stood up and STARTED RUNNING!
Also, two days of medical outreach in remote areas were conducted in cooperation with Rengma Baptist Mission and Bible schools and local doctors. Over 400 patients, all too poor to afford proper medical treatment, were given free doctors' consultation and medicine, followed by health counseling and the sharing of the Gospel. In total, 75 individuals became new believers and were directed to local churches.
Below Left: Free medical consultation by local doctors.
Above Right: Some of the free medicine distributed.
THANK YOU, yes, YOU who prayed with the SEED team, encouraged us and gave so generously. We all share in the eternal rewards that cannot be taken from us. HALLELUJAH!! You have truly made a difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters in this foreign land:
Rev Peter Kashung (founder of a Bible seminary and training centre in the region):
"We are all so blessed to have had this ...
[it] has blessed us spiritually, physically and materially,
and touched, healed, encouraged and emboldened us
individually, as a family of believers and as a whole community!"

Below: The SEED team from Singapore and Nagaland.

Thank God for all that He has done, and for giving us the joy of participating in His marvelous harvest! May the Lord abundantly bless all you wonderful SEED friends and supporters who have obeyed the Lord and made all this possible. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!