Bless Nagrakata - Awesome!

(5-11 Nov 2014)
God turned up and shook the North Bengal region of Nagrakata during our "Bless Nagrakata Crusade". In one miraculous healing, a crippled man who came in a wheel chair, arose and walked immediately after receiving prayer! But this was only the tip of the iceberg. Read more.
Below Left: Crippled man comes to the crusade in a wheel chair.
Above Right: After receiving prayer, he walks. Praise God!
On the final night,  we witnessed a mammoth crowd of more than 15,000 people that overflowed the stadium onto the surrounding roads, ferried there by over 100 vehicles from as far as 200 km away. The worship was fervent, the crowd danced feverishly, and the hunger of the people drew the Spirit of the Lord.
Above: Part of the 15,000-strong crowd that filled that overflowed onto the roads surrounding the stadium.
In addition to the cripplied man, the following miracles took place (that we know of for certain) as the team prayed for the sick and infirm:
1) At least three people had their Eyesight Restored, including a completely blind woman;
2) Several other crippled men went home Walking without their walking sticks;
3) A man about to have one leg amputated had his Infection Healed;
4) A baby was called out thru Word of Knowledge and instantly Healed of Fever (pictured);
5) Men and women with Cataracts experienced Instant Healing; and
Below Far Left, Left & Right: Ps Clara and Reverend Allan pray for the sick.
Above Far Right: The baby who was called out by Word of Knowledge and healed, carried by the baby's mother.
Numerous others with all sorts of body aches and pains were healed, not to mention the testimonies that are still coming in from hundreds who are experiencing progressive healings and the many more that usually go unreported. But most importantly, we saw a total of about 2,000 SALVATION decisions. HALLELUJAH!! Also, we had the privilege of baptising some 28 new converts in the live-giving spring waters of an icy river.
Below Left: Some of the 2,000 people who gave their lives to the Lord.
Above Right: Baptising a new disciple into the Kingdom.
Here are some testimonies from the people.
Police Chief: "I've never seen such a huge crowd in Nagrakata, and there were no incidents, only happy people singing and worshipping. This is a great example of a peaceful gathering." (What a testimony!!)
Isaac (Event Co-ordinator): "Really, I have no words to describe what happened - people came in buses, trucks, bikes and all kinds of vehicles and jammed up the roads leading to Nagrakata. Hundreds accepted Jesus, so many received healing from the Lord. Alcoholics were delivered. My neighbour, a political figure and a Brahmin, had a supernatural experience and he publicly professed he is now a follower of Jesus Christ. He went to the river the next day to cast off his religious necklace and other ?symbols.? He even came to the stadium to help us clear up the mess - Brahmins don't do this kind of work!!"
Youth Leader: "What an amazing experience. The people are still in spiritual hangover. The people are happy; the police are happy; many have seen the Hand of our God. Please come again."
Above: Part of the SEED Team who obeyed, stepped out in faith, and were used by the Lord. 
We are deeply grateful to the team that went, and to all of YOU wonderful SEED friends and supporters who prayed with us, encouraged us and liberally sponsored the program. THANK YOU SO MUCH, and may the Lord multiply back to you all that you have done. 
To God be the glory!