Khuribari-Malbazar-Garo Hills Crusades - Woman Arise!

(Dec 2013)
"WOMAN, ARISE ! " - It was as if Jesus spoke those words.
That was the highlight of our final mission for 2013 when we witnessed the power of God to raise Mary - a 70-year-old woman who had been DEAD FOR SIX HOURS back to life !!
Below Left: Mary when she first arrived at the crusade
to testify how God raised her from the dead.
Above Right: Mary boldly stepping onstage to testify. Beside
her is Pastor Khetu who prayed for the miracle.
Medical science tells us that the human brain is DEAD after being starved of oxygen for more than 5 to 10 minutes, because it needs a continuous flow of fresh oxygen to function. This woman had turned stone-cold for more than six hours - no vital functions whatsoever.
On the first of three nights of evangelistic & healing crusade in Khuribari, Northern Bengal, the Spirit of God moved powerfully and we saw more than 500 people come forward to receive Jesus as Lord. Then, the Spirit began to heal hundreds more of various infirmities - that night about 50 people came up to testify of being INSTANTLY HEALED. We witnessed many healing and deliverance miracles:
The crippled threw down their walking aids and began running and leaping;
At least 3 dumb people regained their ability to speak & even sing;
The blind began to see (like the boy pictured below) and cataracts removed;
At least two cancer cases who could hardly swallow, were able to gulp down a whole bottle of water;
Tumours and lumps shrink or disappear completely before our eyes.
Above: A boy before (Left) and after (Right) he was healed of his blindness.
When a local evangelist (Pastor Khetu) witnessed the miracles happening around him, he asked the Lord to heal a woman member who had been ill for a long time and was at the point of death, lying at home. But at 10 pm, he received an SMS that the woman had died. Although disappointed, he, nevertheless, came forward to ask for prayer, that God would do something miraculous. We joined him in prayer.
The family began preparing her body for burial and the wooden box, that was meant to be her simple coffin, was laid beside the corpse. There were no embalming or mortuary facilities in town and, normally, a corpse is cremated or buried within 24 hours.
At about 4 am - six hours later - Mary Hemrom suddenly opened her eyes, burst out with a shout and awoke!! God worked a miracle beyond anything we had dared to pray for. And she received a NEW BODY...because...
Above: Chandmoni Tudu, Mary's relative, giving her eye-witness
account of the miracle to the crowd at the crusade.
Mary came to the Crusade the next night to testify how God had raised her from the dead in answer to our prayers and also healed her of all her sicknesses. Her relative, Chandmoni Tudu, who had been by Mary's side all the time also gave her eye-witness account. So did the local evangelist, Pastor Khetu Murmu - all these have been documented on video.
It was like the account in John chapter 11 when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. His sisters, Mary and Martha, were disappointed that Jesus had delayed his coming to heal Lazarus, but the Lord did a greater miracle than the sisters had expected - Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead - HALLELUJAH... Jesus still heals and saves! Because of this and other miracles, we recorded MORE THAN 2000 SALVATIONS.
Below Left: Rev Allan Chan shares the gospel at the crusade.
Above Middle and Right: The fields are truly white unto harvest. Over 2000 decisions to
receive Jesus were recorded as the Holy Spirit convicted and drew men and women!
In addition to the crusades, the SEED team also went to check on and to give winter sweaters to 90 children at an elementary school that SEED helped to build in a remote tea plantation. We also conducted medical outreaches to rural villages - giving out free medical consultation, medicine, counselling and prayer.
Above: Winter sweaters for 90 school children donated by a SEED supporter.
Below Left to Right: Free consultation by Dr Sara; free medicine being dispensed by Gina; 
counselling for patients by Rev Ramylal; and prayer for those in need by Pas Clara.
It was a truly wonderful way to end 2013 - seeing God's power and miracles drawing all men to Him as He promised in His word. To God be the Glory!