UAE - God's Ways Are Higher

(Oct 2013)
"Power of Miracle"; and the organisers billed it as a "First in UAE" - so was the description on the posters, banners and handbills. But God overwhelmed us with His divine purposes!
Below Left: The team that went and survived the UAE.
Above Right: Participants at the Sharjah crusade.

Coming from the powerful crusades of miraculous healings and salvations in India, we had similar expectations. But it was not to be: GOD HAD HIGHER PURPOSES. You see, God used their jobs to draw these people away from their prohibitive family and social environments to this soil so that they could receive Jesus!

The crowd overflowed the auditorium on the final night, that left no room for altar calls. The enthusiastic people sat right up to the platform and there was not even standing room. The overflow room with CCTV was packed and people were standing in the corridors and outside the building - just to listen! Popular Indian entertainer, Anil Kant and his daughter, Serya, drew and "wowed" the crowd, and they were keyed up to hear the Gospel message when I came on. But, personally, I asked the Lord why the people did not bring many sick to be healed?

Below Left: Popular Indian entertainers Anil and Serya Kant
Above Right: 33 buses were needed to bring the participants to the crusade from as far as 150km away.

Then, I heard the Spirit clearly say: "These people would have never had the chance to hear the Gospel at home; but I brought them here, on Arab soil, to receive the Gospel and receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour." Wow...God is sure in control. His ways are not our ways for His ways are truly higher! You see, the crowd that came were foreign workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc.

The Lord used Arab jobs to draw the people away from their home environment where family and social environments could have made it prohibitive for these workers to accept Jesus. HALLELUJAH for the 200-plus who raised their hands to indicate their decision; and the hundreds more who received healing.

Below Left: Hands raised for salvation.
Above Right: A man testifies of his healing.

A very big "THANK YOU" to all those who made possible such miracles that changed the eternal destinies of these precious souls - you GAVE, you PRAYED, you STOOD with us, you ENCOURAGED us. The SEED Team of Ping Wah, Foong Kheng, Janet, Linda and me appreciate you all. Yes, YOU too now have a part in all that was accomplished in God's higher ways and purposes in UAE. All praise and glory to Him.

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