BLESS SILIGURI 2012: "Awesome" does not begin to describe it.. (5 to 7 Oct 2012)

“Definitely it was God's timing for Siliguri's harvest”;
“The city felt the presence of God and His mighty power.”;
“He broke the chains of fear (that bound Christians)";
Left: The SEED team ready to depart at Changi Airport. 
Above Right: People at the crusade as far as the eye can see -
some came running to the altar to accept the Lord!!
“Now believers are moved with boldness to do greater work to increase God's kingdom”;
“Bless Siliguri has brought unity among the churches of different denominations, and a oneness among Christians in the city.”
“This is just the beginning...eyes have not seen yet what God will do in the Himalayas.”
These were some of the numerous comments made in gratitude and astonishment of what God did in three days of salvations and miraculous healings. It was the “BLESS SILIGURI” Crusade held on 5 to 7 October 2012, sponsored largely by SEED Ministries in collaboration with more than 200 churches, Bible schools and para-church organisations.
Above: The crusade banner.
VENUE: the largest park in the centre of the city (where usually only large political rallies are held).
CROWD: Thousands every night with an estimated 15,000 people on final night, mostly non-believers, overflowing the grounds onto the streets, causing massive jams in the vicinity.
SALVATIONS: More than 1,550 decisions were recorded and followed up.
HEALINGS: We witnessed hundreds of instant miraculous healings of all sorts.
Below Left: A miracle even before the crusade - Hindu devotees built this stage for us! 
Above Right: Rev Allan Chan - main speaker at the crusade - challenges the people.
The evangelist was Rev Allan Chan who said: ”I have read and heard testimonies of people running to the altar, but this was the first time my eyes witnessed people rushing forward in response to the call to receive Jesus as Saviour, not to get a free meal or to receive prayer for healing! It was truly amazing.”
Yes, the Spirit of the Lord was there and God had orchestrated the whole event – from the months of preparations to the awesome demonstration of the POWER OF HIS LOVE on those three nights.
Below Left: Naga prayer warriors covering the crusade in prayer.
Above Right: The SEED team holding a prayer walk around the venue.
For most of the 10-member Singapore team, it was a first-time, first-hand experience of the reality of God's Word and our Christian faith. They even had the opportunity to minister God's healing power and see healings before their own eyes.
The whole Crusade was watered with much prayer and fasting, especially by local believers.  A woman’s prayer team came all the way from Nagaland to hold a whole week of prayer virgil and prayer walks at the crusade venue – and God turned up in POWER!
Below Left: 10,000 people came on the last night, and thousands came to the altar.
Above Right: Ps Clara (and the other SEED team members) pray for the people.
Because YOU prayed for us, stood with us and supported us with your generous giving and encouragement, we have seen the beginnings of a MIGHTY REVIVAL in the northern city of Siliguri, which will spread like an unquenchable, unstoppable fire. To God be the glory.