God Really "Wow-ed" us with...832 Recorded Salvations!

May 2012

"Wow...Wow, and WOW !!"  - That was how a SEED supporter expressed her delight at how God amazed us at our recent evangelistic and healing crusade in NE India in May 2012.  And all because YOU supported us in prayer, care and finances.

In three nights of crusade in a predominantly Hindu and Musilm region, more than 800 people responded to altar calls to receive Jesus as Saviour. We recorded 832, but the organising pastor said many more were not recorded. HALLELUJAH !!  

5,000 Came....500 Saved  

The public park (where the crusade was held) saw more than 1,000 come for the first two nights, but by the final night, news had apparently got around that miraculous things were happening at the park... we were blown away...more than 5,000 came !! And there were not more than 600 Christians, most of whom were involved in running the event. That night more than 500 gave their lives to Jesus.

Healings Abounded Instantly

Yes, miraculous healings abounded - too numerous to mention all - the lame walked, the sick healed, those in bondage were set free, the spiritually troubled were delivered, emotionally and mentally troubled were healed, etc.

And many received their blessing instantly at the meetings...PRAISE THE LORD...and they came forward onto the stage, to delcare over the PA system that ...  


"J E S U S   H A D   H E A L E D   T H E M !!" 


...and they were all HINDUS & MUSLIMS.

Unprecedented Hunger for The Word  

During the day, we conducted training and empowerment sessions for pastors and and church leaders in the region. The hall overflowed with more than 500 participants who peered through windows, sat under trees outside, in the porch and carpark. Such was the hunger for the Word and for teaching.

THANK YOU, again, to all of you who stood with the team of Clara Wong, Linda Chan, Pauline Tan and me....those who sent us off at the airport with your blessings, those who covered us with prayer thru the trip and all who gave generously to make this awesome victory possible.