God’s Favour In Nagaland (5 - 12 March 2007)

Praise the Lord! Our mission began with adventure at Changi airport itself when Sis Nettie Yeo's hand luggage went missing. After a hectic search and "desperate prayer", it was found five minutes before our aircraft took off!! Praise the Lord. The luggage contains all the notes and teaching material for the children's ministry. Hmmmm....sounds familiar. SEED’s team of four comprised Eleanor Yeo, Richard Tay, Nettie Yeo and Allan Chan. Our next surprise was a much more pleasant one when smiling, familiar faces greeted us on board SQ 516 - Thomas and Matilda Seetoh from Emmanuel A/G. Hallelujah, we were given red-carpeted treatment - three seats to each of the team members. God is so good. The immigration clearance at Kolkata airport was a breeze; customs did not bother to check anything; and the lounge where we stayed for the next 10 hours (waiting to catch domestic flight next morning) now has FREE INTERNET connection! On arrival at Dimapur Airport, Nagaland, we were whisked off to a quick lunch followed by a six-hour drive to Tseminyu and the Rengma Baptist Mission Centre. Ministry began in earnest the next day – Eleanor and Nettie conducted training for Sunday School teachers and children’s ministry workers, and found the 50-plus attendees responsive although most were new to what was taught. The seminar ended with commissioning of the delegates, for them to, in turn, train others. Meanwhile, Allan and Richard taught at the Leadership Development Institute where 41 students were working towards their Dip.Th. and B.Th. We were received as visiting faculty and taught certain aspects of Pneumatology with a practical emphasis. The three days of sessions ended with the laying-on of hands and an impartation session which brought the Institute’s Director and other faculty running to the Chapel to investigate the noise. They found students powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit as many were baptized for the first time, speaking in new languages, while the altar area was littered with fallen students. HALLELUJAH ! The team also split up to minister at several Rengma churches and we experienced the favour of God at every service – altar calls were enthusiastically answered and we saw more than 40 salvations on the first night. Many more came forward during the ensuing evening meetings. Prayer for healing has become an effective ministry among the Baptists here and long lines would quickly form when such opportunities were availed. Several instances of healing were witnessed and many lives were touched in different ways. Praise the Lord! We believe what has been accomplished in this brief mission is the seed that the Spirit will cause to spring into life and bear much fruit in the months and years ahead. We believe the Rengma Baptists will respond to the call of mission to their neighbours and further, as they catch the passion of the Father and empowering of His Spirit. Amen.