SEED Mission in Nagaland (2 - 14 Feb 2006)

Thank you, one and all, for upholding our team which recently ministered in Nagaland - we faced many obstacles, but God's will and purposes prevailed, and it turned out to be another awesome mission - Hallelujah. GREAT AND EFFECTUAL DOORS WERE OPENED and the Lord provided opportunities for ministry to previously "difficult to access" people. THE FIRST PART of the trip was in Dimapur (2 to 5 Feb) where the team (comprising 7 members) attended Allan's ordination program by the Council of Nagalim Churches. This was a milestone for SEED whose ministry in the last three years was given recognition by this umbrella organisation for all the churches in Nagaland. The stirring that arose out of this ordination was quite unexpected, but it turned out to be something that God was doing, which was much larger than what anyone had anticipated. Suffice to say that inspite of "those who opposed...a great and effecutal door was opened unto me" (1 Cor 16:9). The immediate benefit was that Allan was granted the rare opportunity to preach in the Sunday Service of one of the oldest and, perhaps, the most prestigious Baptist church in Nagaland - the congregation numbered 3,000 and counted State Ministers, Government department heads and top businessmen of the capital city of Kohima. While in Dimapur, Alfred Ang and Allan ministered at a hostel run by an A/G Execo member on Saturday (4 Feb); and preached at Sunday Services at Baptist and Lotha churches respectively on 5 Feb. On the 2-hour drive to Kohima, we stopped by to dedicate the branch office of Asia Soul Winners (AEW), located just outside of Dimapur. THE SECOND PART of our mission was to teach at the annual Cross-Cultural Missionary Training organised by AEW for aspiring missionaries who desire to serve outside Nagaland. There were 16 participants from various tribes and also some from neighbouring states. The theme of our five-day ministry was "Empowerment for Ministry and Service" and every member of our team was given an opportunity to teach or testify or share a devotional or do personal ministry. For some, there were first-time ministry experiences, especially to see what the Holy Spirit can do when we just avail ourselves to do something we may have never done before. There was much prayer and counselling done in addition to the daily six hours of teaching. The final evening session lasted several hours as the team prayed over each participant and imparted gifts, anointings and callings of the Spirit to everyone. It was awesome to see God touch, refresh and empower all these aspiring missionaries with vision, passion and infilling of His Holy Spirit - HALLELUJAH! Not only did we minister, but were ourselves ministered to by the Lord; and it was such a joy to be part of the sending forth of workers into God's harvest field in NE India and the Himalayas. Saturday, 11 Feb, was R & R day with sightseeing, nice meals and, of Books, CDs, tapes are so cheap, cheap, lah. Sunday morning saw ministry at the 3,000-strong Khedi Baptist Church where Allan spoke for an hour, and was still invited back by the pastor to preach when we next visit Kohima!! Such favour from the Lord! Returning to Dimapur that afternoon, we were sucked into a series of "consultations and discussions" with several Naga tribal and factional leaders. The Lord used ordinary vessels to, once again, do extraordinary things - like fostering better understanding among fragmented church associations; even bringing about reconciliatioin between opposing camps of Christian leaders! We are happy to report that every "consultation" ended on a positive note. In fact, later this year, there will be a "first-of-its-kind" gathering among tribal leaders who used to be highly "antagonistic". The Lord shall surely command a blessing when brethren dwell in unity! All praise and glory to God who would use us as His "peacemakers". The Naga Church is God's chosen people, much like "an Israel" in that part of the world - filled with the knowledge and salvation of God, yet surrounded by nations of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Animists etc. to whom they need to be the Lord's witness and reaper. SEED Ministries is privileged to do this work of the Lord's, and to have you - our PIPs and Friends - share in this great mission to empower the reapers. God bless you abundantly and empower you too!