Our Strategy

Today, Asia is experiencing a wave of evangelistic fervour, resulting in a harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God, which is unprecendented in human history. Asian populations make up the vast majority of people in the so-called "10/40 window", where 97% of the least evangelised countries are found.

At the frontline of this mighty move of the Holy Spirit are evangelists, missionaries, pastors and Christian believers who willingly sacrifice everything to fulfill the Great Commission. The same Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ to His Church - the worldwide body of believers. Often these brethren face incredible opposition, endure severe persecution - even imprisionment, torture and death - for the sake of the Cross.

SEED Ministries is committed to stirring ALL believers to join hands with our brethren in these restricted nations; as ONE body (1 Cor 12:26,27), in obeying our Lord to bring the Gospel to every nation.

  1. Hold Vision Meetings to impart a passion and to offer opportunities for missions among people groups in restricted countries;
  2. Conduct missions conferences, training seminars and courses to prepare missionaries and teams to help meet spiritual and physical needs on the field;
  3. Mobilise available resources among individual Christians, churches and other Christian organisations to work with the Spirit of God in gathering this great endtime harvest of souls;
  4. Provide training resources to local Christians in needy areas so they can do the work of the ministry - We believe that empowing such local believers is the most strategic, cost-effective and culturally-sensitive way to advance the cause of the Gospel;
  5. Respond to physical and material needs, especially among those of the Household of Faith who are under persecution (Gal 6:10) and to incidences of disaster and emergency with Christian compassion and stewardship.