Karen Mercy Mission. (20 Nov - 4 Dec 2005)

SEED Singapore will once again be sending a team up to the Karen Refugee camps to minister among our brethren there. The Karen have been exiled from their own land by the Burmese military junta. The largest camp along the Thai-Burma border houses over 45,000 refugees in an area originally intended for 5000. Conditions are over-crowded and squalid. SEED have been involved in trips to the Karen for over 12 years, ministering both spiritually and physically. Our teams conduct Childrens workers training, Pastoral and leadership training, bring old clothing, food, medicine and encouragement. In many ways, teams like ours are their only lifeline to the outside world, a world that has all but totally forgotten about them. For more information on Burma, read the article on the left hand column, or contact Allan.