2005 SEED Conference Report - "This is what our faith is about..."

"It's been a long time since my spirit was so stirred at a mission conference. This is what our faith is all about - reaching out to our brothers and sisters out there where they lay their lives on the line for believing in Jesus, and we stand with them in fulfilling the Great Commission. I'm so glad someone still has the pure vision of Christ for the lost, and not just another project or program." This remark by a veteran missionary of more than 50 years sums it all up for our 2nd SEED Conference, held at Fort Canning Lodge YWCA, Singapore. The 115 participants from nine countries were obviously moved by the Holy Spirit as they saw and heard reports from several representatives of the mission works SEED is involved with. S.S.K. said:"Thank you for organising the SEED Conference. I believe the Lord has deposited something - a seed - in each of the lives of those who came, including myself. As I sat listening to (the speakers) I am reminded that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulars of darkness..." There were displays by Ethnos Asia Ministries, Free Burma Rangers, SEED Ministries and sale of handicraft items from the Himalayas. The conference saw a couple of "firsts": the Condensed World Mission Course was organised over four full days in conjunction with World Outreach and Emmanuel Assembly - six people successfully completed; and the conference ended with the celebration of Holy Communion. Another participant, who lives with a daily threat to her life for being a Christian, emailed later: "Next year, if I'm alive by the grace of God, I will go to the 3rd SEED Conference (even if I have to travel) by train so that it (the cost of attending) will save some money so I will be able to go with some of my friends who can go." She comes from an Asian country where Christians are routinely attacked, raped and killed. If you missed all the action and move of the Spirit this year, plan to be with us again in 2006 - tentatively in July or August.