Our Activities

Some of our activities.

  • Conduct Vision Meetings - to impart a passion for missions among Christians and to offer opportunities to serve on the mission field.
  • Conduct seminars and training courses - to train and prepare people for short-term mission work - this includes spiritual, physical and skills preparation.
  • Lead or accomany mission teams - to unfamiliar situations where we already have the relevant contact, especially in access-restricted countries or where persecution of Christians is a threat.
  • Inform interested parties on the situations experienced by believers in "unfriendly" countries and how we can respond to those needs.
  • Facilitate the mobilisation of human, material and financial resources to meet needs on the mission field or to respond to disasters.
  • Provide resources and materials to equip and empower believers in "persecuted countries" to grow in the faith and to reach out with the gospel in their own environment.