Here are some links to websites of other organisations that are also involved in Mission or in similar areas as we are.

Christian Aid
Christian Aid supports indigenous missions in many parts of the world including Asia, South America and Africa. They are the source of the "Mission Insider" articles on the SEED site.

Voice of Martyrs
VOM is an inter-denominational organisation committed to aiding Christians who are persecuted for their faith and raising awareness of such situations worldwide. On this site is a list of people all over the world imprisoned for their faith, which is a great resource for mobilising prayer!

World Outreach
World Outreach is a non-denominational, multi-racial fellowship of Christians of many denominations, serving God in over sixty nations on five continents. A page of particular interest is the information about the Condensed World Mission Course that we are also offering.

Karen Human Rights Group
The KHRG contains articles and news reports about the Karen refugee situation. They are the source of the "Understanding Burma" article on SEED site.

Women's League of Burma
The WLB is an organisation formed by women from various ethnicities inside Burma to raise awareness of the suffering and plight of women in the midst of the civil war inside Burma. A particularly heart-wrenching report is "Shattering Silences", which reports on sexual violence that women, both Burman and ethnic, suffer.

BurmaNet provides news updates on Burma from a more political perspective.

Joshua Project
This site contains a host of information on Unreached people groups, statistics and downloads.

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