2nd SEED Ministries Conference

We have survived our 1st year!!

FBR Report - Karenni civilians under attack *Update* - 15 Dec 04

The Burma Army is attacking IDP sites, killing civilians, burning homes and rice barns and has also increased its mine laying activities, especially in Southern Karenni State, from the Mawchi road to the Karen State border. Since January this year, over 2000 people have been displaced from this area by the initial 10-battalion offensive, followed by battalion sized sweeps of the area.

Fact Finding Trip to Thailand Feb/Mar 2005

On February 26th - March 15th, Kevin and Greg travelled to Thailand to attend the Ethnos Conference, as well as to visit various places and organise for teams arriving in July/Aug 2005. Here's the report...



Nagaland Mission - 28 March to 10 April 2005 The recent joint SEED-Emmanuel team to Nagaland made a splash in the local papers which carried news of our ministry over three days. One paper had a whole page full of colour pictures to accompany the reports. PRAISE THE LORD!

2,000 Karenni Villagers Flee Burma Army Attacks - Oct. 20

About 2,000 Karenni villagers are hiding in the mountainous jungles of Burma, close to the Thai border, after military action by the Burma Army since late September 2004. These new internal refugees had to run for their lives to avoid forced relocation to sites far removed from their means of subsistence.

KWO Report - Apprentice Nuns Sexually Assaulted by Burmese Troops

While the SPDC has been holding talks for peace with the KNU, military offensives and human rights violations continue to be the way of life for the Burma Army in the Karen areas. Sadly, this includes sexual violence against women by various means.

NAGALAND & INDIA - Fierce Battle But Glorious Victory!

Church in the cloudsTo God be all the glory, for yet another fruitful mission to Nagaland and India. But the victories did not come easy as the team had to wage a fierce spiritual battle that manifested in every member falling ill with some ailment or other.

Karen refugees featured on ChristianAid.org's Mission Insider

This week's issue of Mission Insider by Christianaid.org features Burmese refugees being persecuted by the Burma Army. SEED has been involved with the Karen since 1992 and have a strong, ongoing ministry there building up and equipping the local church to reach not just their people, but the rest of Burma too!

Click on the link in the left hand column, uder "Articles" to read more.

Successful Conference, PRAISE GOD!!

PRAISE GOD! We have received such encouraging feedback from participants of our Inaugural SEED Mission Conference, held on 30 & 31 July 2004.

“I’m so glad you organised this conference. It has opened my eyes to see what God is doing in these last days, and how we need to be part of our Father’s work. – thank you.” - MT.

Fire In The Hearts of Karen Brothers

Our annual mission of mercy to the Karen refugee camps will be from 22 Nov to 4 Dec 2004. We expect to visit two major camps, bringing medical supplies, clothes, food, material aid and most importantly, the Word and love of God. This is a joint undertaking with Emmanuel Assembly of God, whose members have been ministering to the Karen refugees since 1992.


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