God Really "Wow-ed" us with...832 Recorded Salvations!

May 2012

"Wow...Wow, and WOW !!"  - That was how a SEED supporter expressed her delight at how God amazed us at our recent evangelistic and healing crusade in NE India in May 2012.  And all because YOU supported us in prayer, care and finances.

In three nights of crusade in a predominantly Hindu and Musilm region, more than 800 people responded to altar calls to receive Jesus as Saviour. We recorded 832, but the organising pastor said many more were not recorded. HALLELUJAH !!  

Miracles Aplenty in Himalayas & India (5 to 30 Oct 2011)

 "He turned my mourning into dancing..."

Over 25 days, a SEED team ministered in the Himalayas and North East India. We held crusades with over 60 salvations nightly, leadership training seminars, baptised new believers in frigid mountain waters, ministered to children, healed the sick and more!

God also showed us one of the fruits of our ministry the previous year (pictured on right).


Read the full report Here.

Allan dancing with the boy whom we prayed for and God healed last year!


SEED Conference 2011

In these days of unprecedented turmoil and unrest, natural disasters, economic meltdowns, political & social upheaval and human suffering are intensifying - as they must before Jesus comes again. Yet, how do we respond to (or even survive) these distressing prognoses? Good news: the Bible prophesied these evil days and provides us with the answers.

Come join us at SEED Conference 2011's PROPHETIC MEETINGS (9 & 10 Sep, 7pm) and two SEMINARS - "UNDERSTANDING ISRAEL" & "DISCERNING THE TIMES" (10 Sep, 9am), where you will be enlightened on wisely "REDEEMING THE TIME, for The Days Are Evil".

Blind Eyes Opened, the Crippled Walk, the Sick Healed...

Our SEED mission to Arunachal Pradesh & Nagrakata (West Bengal) (Oct 2010) was awesome beyond all our expectations!

Yes, sounds like the days when Jesus walked this earth....The blind see again...the curled-up cripple arise upright and walks like a man again...instant healing of meningitis as a boy stretches his limbs after two years and walks in front of the crusade crowd...swollen feet shrinks as we pray...drunkard saved and gives up alcohol...woman healed of malaria...spiritually oppressed set free...and dozens of Hindus and animists receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. HALLELUJAH, and HALLELUJAH.


PRAISE THE LORD - He is always faithful to His Word & Promise.

During our last visit to tea plantations in West Bengal, in October 2009, we visited one that had stopped operations for eight years and the resident workers were in dire straits. On top of that, their wooden and bamboo church had been trodden and flattened by a rogue elephant. Read the original article here. But our Gracious Heavenly Father has done a marvelous work in their lives to turn their circumstances around.

“They Were So Excited & Enriched...”


PRAISE GOD for a most successful mission to North Bengal in early January 2010. Here are some feedback remarks:
"...great blessing for the Himalayan workers..."
"...this seminar is unique and full of insights for leaders..."
"...Now all the pastors want to conduct the same training in their regions."

Just Doing What Jesus Did...In The Himalayas

Leadership Seminars, Healing Meetings & More... (12 - 24 Oct 2009)

Glory be to God for a powerful 13 days in the Himalayas (12-24 Oct 2009). We conducted a leadership seminar in Nepal; held healing meetings in a refugee camp and a tea plantation in north Bengal; ministered at a church retreat in Mirik; and at a Fathers' Retreat for Rengma-Nagas.

Thank you all for your prayerful support - you have as much a part in what God did through Eleanor and me, including all the miraculous healings. PRAISE THE LORD!

Empowerment In Pokhara (1 - 10 May 2009)

Thank you all for upholding and sharing our 10 days in Pokhara, Nepal (1 to 10 May 2009). It was a powerful time of God's empowerment both during the three days of leadership seminar as well as the days of ministry afterwards. SEED's four-member team comprised Allan Chan, Eleanor Yeo, Ann Chiam and Janet Lim.

Leadership Empowerment  

More than 40 young pastors and church leaders from Asia Soul Winners' work in Pokhara and other minstries attended the 3-day seminar on spiritual “Empowerment for Ministry” conducted by Allan. The teaching covered the doctrine, person and work of the Holy Spirit, including an exercise on discovering one's gift(s) facilitated by Janet. The participants were also individually prayed for at the close.
 Empowerment of WorkersDiscovering their gifts

Riding into Liangmai Country (24 - 31 Jan 2009)

Ten days after returning from Ghana, it was off to Nagaland again on 24 Jan 2009. Beside the fact that a single person being granted a permit (PAP) to enter this "Protected Area" was unheard of, I had to produce such a permit upon checking in at Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) airport.

So, this journey of faith into a very remote and neglected part of Nagaland was promising to be a rough ride. Arriving 5 minutes before the Kolkata check-in counter closed did not help my stress level, but in the rush to get me on the plane in time, the airline staff overlooked asking for the permit! Hence, I arrived at Dimapur airport not knowing if the permit would be waiting for me at Dimapur airport, Nagaland, or I would be sent packing back to Kolkata. Praise God, the former situation prevailed.

God is Alive in Ghana! (1 - 14 Jan 2009)

The first mission to Africa by any SEED team (1 – 14 Jan 2009) was historic in many ways. We ran smack into the home-run of Ghana's presidential elections where the victor won by less than half a percentage point aftet a month of electioneering. I think if we had known that, we may have turned down the invitation to go. Why? Because in any other African situation, such a razor-slim decision would have sparked off cries of foul play and vote rigging, maybe, resulting in riots and much bloodshed.

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