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28 Mar 2015



Speaker: The Believer's Birthright
Rev Dr Jameson  Yeo
Victor & Ian
Time: 3.30pm
YWCA Fort Canning Lodge (6 Fort Canning Road),
Level 3, Faith & Hope Rooms
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In His Presence (IHP) is a non-denominational Christian fellowship organised by SEED Ministries.

Bless Nagrakata - Awesome!

(5-11 Nov 2014)
God turned up and shook the North Bengal region of Nagrakata during our "Bless Nagrakata Crusade". In one miraculous healing, a crippled man who came in a wheel chair, arose and walked immediately after receiving prayer! But this was only the tip of the iceberg. Read more.
Below Left: Crippled man come sot the crusade in a wheel chair.
Above Right: After receiving prayer, he walks. Praise God!

SEED Thanksgiving Night & Dinner - 13 Sep 2014

This year's Evening of Thanksgiving was held on 13 September 2014, 3.30 pm and over 70 SEED supporters, friends and loved ones, gathered to celebrate God's faithfulness in 11 years of fruitful ministry. It was an informal time of worship, testimonies and food - all FREE

Khuribari-Malbazar-Garo Hills Crusades - Woman Arise!

(Dec 2013)
"WOMAN, ARISE ! " - It was as if Jesus spoke those words.
That was the highlight of our final mission for 2013 when we witnessed the power of God to raise Mary - a 70-year-old woman who had been DEAD FOR SIX HOURS back to life !!
Below Left: Mary when she first arrived at the crusade
to testify how God raised her from the dead.
Above Right: Mary boldly stepping onstage to testify. Beside
her is Pastor Khetu who prayed for the miracle.

UAE - God's Ways Are Higher

(Oct 2013)
"Power of Miracle"; and the organisers billed it as a "First in UAE" - so was the description on the posters, banners and handbills. But God overwhelmed us with His divine purposes!
Below Left: The team that went and survived the UAE.
Above Right: Participants at the Sharjah crusade.

Coming from the powerful crusades of miraculous healings and salvations in India, we had similar expectations. But it was not to be: GOD HAD HIGHER PURPOSES. You see, God used their jobs to draw these people away from their prohibitive family and social environments to this soil so that they could receive Jesus!

BLESS SILIGURI 2012: "Awesome" does not begin to describe it.. (5 to 7 Oct 2012)

“Definitely it was God's timing for Siliguri's harvest”;
“The city felt the presence of God and His mighty power.”;
“He broke the chains of fear (that bound Christians)";
Left: The SEED team ready to depart at Changi Airport. 
Above Right: People at the crusade as far as the eye can see -
some came running to the altar to accept the Lord!!
“Now believers are moved with boldness to do greater work to increase God's kingdom”;
“Bless Siliguri has brought unity among the churches of different denominations, and a oneness among Christians in the city.”
“This is just the beginning...eyes have not seen yet what God will do in the Himalayas.”

SEED Conference 2013 - 10 Years of God's Faithfulness

 When SEED started in 2003, we were  determined to do whatever the Lord  called us to do for however long He  called us to do it. We had no idea  how long it would last or where it  would take us.

 This year, we celebrate SEED's 10th  Anniversary with our Conference on  the 6th and 7th of September at the  Sophia Cooke Ballroom at YWCA Fort  Canning. Register Here to come  celebrate with us!

God Really "Wow-ed" us with...832 Recorded Salvations!

May 2012

"Wow...Wow, and WOW !!"  - That was how a SEED supporter expressed her delight at how God amazed us at our recent evangelistic and healing crusade in NE India in May 2012.  And all because YOU supported us in prayer, care and finances.

In three nights of crusade in a predominantly Hindu and Musilm region, more than 800 people responded to altar calls to receive Jesus as Saviour. We recorded 832, but the organising pastor said many more were not recorded. HALLELUJAH !!  

Miracles Aplenty in Himalayas & India (5 to 30 Oct 2011)

 "He turned my mourning into dancing..."

Over 25 days, a SEED team ministered in the Himalayas and North East India. We held crusades with over 60 salvations nightly, leadership training seminars, baptised new believers in frigid mountain waters, ministered to children, healed the sick and more!

God also showed us one of the fruits of our ministry the previous year (pictured on right).


Read the full report Here.

Allan dancing with the boy whom we prayed for and God healed last year!


SEED Conference 2011

In these days of unprecedented turmoil and unrest, natural disasters, economic meltdowns, political & social upheaval and human suffering are intensifying - as they must before Jesus comes again. Yet, how do we respond to (or even survive) these distressing prognoses? Good news: the Bible prophesied these evil days and provides us with the answers.

Come join us at SEED Conference 2011's PROPHETIC MEETINGS (9 & 10 Sep, 7pm) and two SEMINARS - "UNDERSTANDING ISRAEL" & "DISCERNING THE TIMES" (10 Sep, 9am), where you will be enlightened on wisely "REDEEMING THE TIME, for The Days Are Evil".

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